Responsive Web Design in Mankato

responsive web designers in Mankato

Responsive web design is a design trend brought on with the introduction of tablets hand held devices (smart phones). At PC Dudes of Mankato responsive web design has been done in a number of different ways. All of our sites can be read on all devices, even the sites we designed a decade ago!. Since the development of responsive web design PC Dudes has adapted our design strategies to incorporate the best practices at the time, including: Browser detection to redirect the smaller devices to a separate site designed for the mobile devices. We have written our own fully responsive designs from scratch. We have implemented a system called Bootstrap developed by Twitter. Writing our own responsive web designs has given us a great understanding of how responsive design can be used to the fullest potential. This knowledge of responsive design is evident when we design a WordPress, implement our own custom responsive design, or modify a purchased design.

It is difficult to discuss the details of responsive design without getting too technical. The bottom line is: Yes! we do responsive web design. Technology advances very fast in web design and we do our best to stay well informed and utilize the best technology available.

Selecting a responsive web developer and designing a mobile web site can be difficult and over whelming. With so many choices out there, let PC Dudes of Mankato help find the right solution for your responsive web design.

Different web sites call for different web solutions. Responsive designs let us choose whether or not we want to display an object to the screen, but the device will still download everything. This downloading data counts against the web hosting bandwidth and the viewers data download quota. Using a media query to detect what the web page is being displayed on is a good solution to this problem. when the web page detects that the viewer is using a device with a smaller screen, the viewer is redirected to a separate web site that only servers what will be loaded eliminating unwanted data transfer.

Some of our clients who want an inexpensive responsive design solution go with a WordPress design. Many WordPress themes come with Bootstrap or an equivalent responsive design system.